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Sketch: Kayla by Eragon007 Sketch: Kayla :iconeragon007:Eragon007 19 4
The Pilgrim's Quest (sneak peek teaser)
  Have you ever had that prickly feeling where your whole body is being pecked by hundreds upon thousands of inexplicably small needles? And you had that feeling for no explainable reason?
Well, I’m having that feeling right now even though I am lying on my back, on top of the grass on my front lawn. The grass has that fresh smell when the dew collected over night, and is now gradually being warmed up by the morning sun, releasing a sharp, crisp dream like smell.
I have to take a few deep breaths to help ease the pain, concentrate on the sensation of the clean air filling my lungs and the dew from the grass starting to cling to my clothes, soaking through the fibres against my back, jolting me to that surprised awareness.
Slowly, I rise up awkwardly placing my hands behind me to give support.
Blinking a few times, I begin to realize that the lawn chair I had placed down to sit near the garden was not anywhere to be seen. Maybe that’s how I ended up on my back? I mispla
:iconeragon007:Eragon007 1 3
Heavy in the teleporter (angle 4) by Eragon007 Heavy in the teleporter (angle 4) :iconeragon007:Eragon007 1 0 Heavy in the teleporter (angle 3) by Eragon007 Heavy in the teleporter (angle 3) :iconeragon007:Eragon007 0 0 Heavy in the teleporter (angle 2) by Eragon007 Heavy in the teleporter (angle 2) :iconeragon007:Eragon007 0 0 Heavy in the teleporter (angle 1) by Eragon007 Heavy in the teleporter (angle 1) :iconeragon007:Eragon007 0 0 THE SPY!!!!!!!! by Eragon007
Mature content
THE SPY!!!!!!!! :iconeragon007:Eragon007 0 1
THE SPY!!!! by Eragon007 THE SPY!!!! :iconeragon007:Eragon007 0 1 THE SPY!!! by Eragon007 THE SPY!!! :iconeragon007:Eragon007 1 1 THE SPY!!!! by Eragon007 THE SPY!!!! :iconeragon007:Eragon007 0 0 THE SPY!! by Eragon007 THE SPY!! :iconeragon007:Eragon007 0 0 THE SPY!! by Eragon007 THE SPY!! :iconeragon007:Eragon007 1 0 dat Scout jump iz.... by Eragon007 dat Scout jump iz.... :iconeragon007:Eragon007 0 6 Commission by Eragon007 Commission :iconeragon007:Eragon007 32 12
An Unusual New Friend part 3
     I was tapping my pencil on his desk watching the classroom clock, tingling in anticipation for the final bell to go, signalling the end of school for the day and the beginning of the long weekend. But I wasn't the only one watching the clock; many of my other class mates waited eagerly.
".....30.......29.......28.......27......." counting down to myself, almost mouthing the seconds slowly going by.
Our teacher Mr. Mccillan was sitting at the front of the classroom, legs stretched out on his desk reading the newspaper. He was completely oblivious to the tension and excitement welling up in the class. I uncontrollably tapped my desk with my pen.
And then it happened. The bell went off and a frenzy of hell was let loose.
I was fortunate enough to be the first one to make it out of the classroom, barely having enough time to pick up my backpack and binder leaving everyone else crammed at the door. But what did you expect? We were only 7th graders. But the clas
:iconeragon007:Eragon007 74 76
Episode 1: First Encounter of the weird kind
"Matthew! Sarah!, come, we are going now"
Matthew looked up from the playground swings and saw his mother by the benches beckoning him to come. The leaves danced around in the crisp spring wind and the sun shining through the trees, bringing both a warming and cooling sensation to Matthew's young face. He felt a light punch to his left shoulder.
"I'll race ya!" Sarah yelled at him, and dashed off towards mom.
Something about it all felt......seemed familiar to him.
Before he had snapped back to the present, his sister was already halfway to the benches. He took off in pursuit, with a grin on his face.In a couple of seconds he had caught up to her and both were almost tumbling towards their mother. She had bent down with open arms to embrace her children, and hopefully catch them too before they caused any damage or harm.
They both crashed into her at full speed but she caught them with such grace and love that she didn't budge. Al
:iconeragon007:Eragon007 9 14

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I'm actually surprised that i am still getting a lot of pageviews, it seems to be increasing day by day even though i haven't uploaded anything new for a long time.

da is still stupid thinking that i have 144 submissions, I actually have 25.

Considering taking down some stuff. Still nothing new yet



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